Come in and enjoy INCONCEPTcafe, the coffee bar with an Indonesian twist. Serving you delicious coffees, Indonesian layered cakes (spekkoek), Dutch treats and sweets, Indomie noodles and home-made Dutch soup in a relaxing atmosphere. 
INCONCEPTcafe is the best of two worlds and the follow up of Cinta Coffee, the former coffee bar. Here you will find Dutch & Indonesian influences especially in the snacks and delicious freshly prepared lunch dishes. In addition, the coffee bar serves coffee from coffee brewery Brandzaak and a wide range of Tea Village tea. At INCONCEPTcafe we love the Indonesian twist. Think of delicious kopi tubruk, spekkoek (Indonesian layered cake), noodles and home-made pandan cake. In addition you can also find delicious Dutch pastries from Koekela, SUE, Dudok and Happy Food & Health. INCONCEPTcafe is pretty stylish, contemporary but a recognizable concept where the community really can come together and where the social aspect is one of their main focus. INCONCEPTcafe, like Cinta Coffee, has a homey atmosphere with lots of green, comfy couches by Sofacompany, art on the walls and of course they have the really delicious specialities: the Indo-tosti and the Dutchie-tosti.
As formerly Cinta Coffee we share the same vision. Everyone is equal, everyone is welcome. More than anything, we want everyone who walks in to feel at home. That’s why our coffee bar looks more like a living room than your average coffee bar. Whether people come in to enjoy a fresh cup and head off, meet up with their friends and family, or open up their laptop and work for some hours, we want everyone to feel comfortable and find peace and tranquility in a warm and cozy environment.
INCONCEPTcafe is a division of INCONCEPTstore
The INCONCEPTstore is an initiative of fashion designer Evaa Kuik (29), born and raised in Rotterdam. After her graduation at the Willem de Kooning academy, she founded (09/2014) her own conceptstore; a home, where other creative talents, young professionals, interesting start-ups and online shops can also join the space, the organization and the sales to present themselves to a large audience. INCONCEPTstore reads like a magazine and is an experience where everyone can meet and chill. With a coffee bar, food, drinks, books, fashion, art, design & beauty. So if you’re around, swing by and enjoy!

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