Come in and enjoy Cinta Coffee, the new collab and coffee bar at our first floor. Serving you delicious kopi tubruk, spekkoek, noodles and home-made pandang cake in a relaxing atmosphere.

Cinta means “love or adore” in Indonesian, so Cinta Coffee means coffee lover. At Cinta Coffee you will find Indonesian influences especially in the coffee beans, snacks and delicious freshly prepared lunch dishes. In addition, they also serve coffee from coffee brewery Brandzaak and a wide range of Tea Village tea. Cinta Coffee wants to establish a coffee bar with Indonesian influences. Think of delicious kopi tubruk, spekkoek (Indonesian cake), noodles and home-made pandang cake. In addition, you can also find delicious pastries such as blueberry cake, Oreo cheesecake and vegan cakes from HappyFood & Health. Cinta Coffee is a recognizable, stylish and modern concept where the community can come together and where the social aspect is one of their main focus. Cinta Coffee has a homey atmosphere with lots of green, comfy couches, nice chairs, art on the walls and of course they have delicious coffee.

 Who stands behind the concept of Cinta Coffee?

Guido Leurs has been working as a food blogger, graphic designer and photographer for the last couple of years and published the first English-language travel guide ‘Discover my City, Rotterdam’, without any funding in 2016. Through his travel guide he came into contact with many different companies, which led that he started organizing several events in Rotterdam, including: the Koopgoot dinners, various blogger days, press day at the World Museum and a culinary Indonesian tour through Europe.

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